About Us


Alhassana Marble is among the most competitive marble firms in the Egyptian industry and the region. It has been credited for being one of the most contributors of the development of the marble production techniques in Egypt. It was established in 1992. It owns a huge factory which is located in Cairo in the industrial zone of marble which is called Shaq El Tho’ban.

Alhassana owns a well equipped factory which operates up to the international standards of marble production. It produces various types of marbles with diverse cuts, dimensions, and finishes. It is mainly concerned with three activities which are exporting marble (final goods, and blocks), selling marble on the domestic level, and supplying massive quantities of marble to large projects. The company exports to several countries most importantly USA, China, France,  Italy, Turkey, Brazil, The United kingdom and Spain. It participates in international stone fairs in order to market for its products and learn the developments that took place in the marble production techniques all over the world. The company profile is provided in appendix 2 for further details about the company and the factory.


The marble industry started operating largely in the 1980s worldwide mainly through trading special and differentiated marble products. Alhassana built its factory in 1986 on a large scale to accommodate several production lines, workshops, admin building, loading/unloading area, and a huge inventory yard for our quarried blocks. Alhassana highly invested in geological research and development as well as material testing to find quarries rich in exclusive marble types with superior technical qualifications. Furthermore, Alhassana worked on adopting the best marble production and cutting technologies from the leading world suppliers to produce its marble slabs and tiles in the most efficient and high quality manner. After our continuous work in business development and innovation; successfully, we were able to own a special exclusive marble collection: Imperial Bronze, Imperial Grey, Serpajandi, while operating their own quarries with the best technological standards, to deliver our unique marble floor and walling tiles in the best quality and timing to the five world continents.



Geological research and exploration is among the most valuable assets of Alhassana which allowed us to proudly own the first and exclusive marble quarries of the best Egyptian marble types with highest technical and mechanical material characteristics. These types are mainly the Imperial Bronze, Imperial Honey, Imperial Grey, and Serpajandi. All our quarries are located mainly in Sinai and equipped with high standards machines following the mechanized marble extraction process. Alhassana will always maintain its intensive investment in material exploration and extraction to offer our valued customers the most exclusive and high standard Egyptian marble.


The main factory of Alhassana is built on a land of 40,000 square meter acres to accommodate a number of 5 production lines with their mass inventory and loading/unloading area. The factory is located in Cairo in the industrial zone of marble, Shaq El Tho’ban. All equipment for marble and granite production as well as treatment is of the latest worldwide technology to guarantee offering our product in a lifetime quality. In our factory, we have the production facilities to produce the blocks extracted from our quarries to finished marble tiles with diverse cuts, dimensions, and finishes. In addition, we have our workshop specialized in packing the marble tiles according to high quality standard to be ready for being exported internationally. The factory has a huge area concerned with the containers loading which enables us to upload simultaneous containers fast and efficiently.



Exporting our exclusive marble materials in different dimensions and finishes is our key function. Alhassana exports on average 80% of its production volume annually. We export to the five continents mainly to: United Kingdom, the United States of America, Europe, Australia, and the MENA region. Alhassana works intensely on its quality control, packing, and freight services to ensure the best quality and timely delivery of its exports to the international construction firms and warehouses in the most accurate manner. Alhassana participates in annual international exhibitions to provide the latest developments and finishes in its materials for the customers.