The marble industry started operating largely in the 1980s worldwide mainly through trading special and differentiated marble products. Alhassana built its factory in 1986 on a large scale to accommodate several production lines, workshops, admin building, loading/unloading area, and a huge inventory yard for our quarried blocks. Alhassana highly invested in geological research and development as well as material testing to find quarries rich in exclusive marble types with superior technical qualifications. Furthermore, Alhassana worked on adopting the best marble production and cutting technologies from the leading world suppliers to produce its marble slabs and tiles in the most efficient and high quality manner. After our continuous work in business development and innovation; successfully, we were able to own a special exclusive marble collection: Imperial Bronze, Imperial Grey, Serpajandi, while operating their own quarries with the best technological standards, to deliver our unique marble floor and walling tiles in the best quality and timing to the five world continents.